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Hotel La Gondola

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Hotel "La Gondola" is located right on the beautiful Maronti beach on the island's south side, close to the Cavascura natural pools and far off from any disturbing noise.

The hotel offers comfortable rooms with a view of the sea and the beautiful St. Angelo bay.

Large terraces invite you to enjoy the nice, hot sun of the Mediterranean Sea, along with hot sand, the sea, sanatoriums, and sun therapy.

The hotel also provides a private beach, a thermal spa including natural sauna, a restaurant, an American bar and spacious lounges.

This is the ideal place for anyone seeking a calm and comfortable place for a holiday.

foto_3Hotel "La Gondola" is located on Maronti beach, washed by the gentle waves of the Mediterranean Sea. Maronti is part of the Barano district. Barano is one of the island's most beautiful places where the marvellous view of Maronti beach makes the natural beauty of the surroundings shine even brighter.
As you're gazing at the horizon, your eye gets caught by the beautiful island of St. Angelo, providing a magnificent, typically Mediterranean range of colours, between the blue sea and the plain pink and white buildings which have preserved their traditional Mediterranean architectural design, and gives witness to the different types of civilisations that have shaped this place right up to the present day.





foto_2The island of Ischia is the ideal place for those stressed out by the rhythms of the city chooses to abandon peace for some time, the sun, the warmth of a 'beautiful island and well-being of your body.

Its volcanic origin has given the island of Ischia landscapes and colors that are typical of volcanic soil and unique beauty, allowing the evolution of beneficial sources.

For those who like to relax and have fun at the same time are endless opportunities for exhibitions, exhibitions of historical and non-cultural and ethnic events ... held with great audience participation.

The sun is warm but the air is never stuffy and the surrounding sea offers a continuous ventilation that eliminates the presence of moisture and allow to rest well at night.

Let yourself be seduced by the delicious cuisine, ranging from Ischia succulent dishes of fresh fish dishes traditionally offered by the campaigns of Ischia, accompanied by red and white wines Epomeo, Ischia purely and simply sensational.

l'Hotel la Gondola inoltre dispone di deliziosi panoramici appartamenti siti in Barano.


A 5 minuti dalla spiaggia dei Maronti e non distante dal centro di Ischia Porto, con posto auto e in prossimità della fermata autobus.


L'ideale per chi desidera trascorrere una vacanza all'insegna della tranquillà e dell'intimità familiare.








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  • Festa di San Vito - Forio - 15 giugno
  • Ischia Global festival - Isola d' Ischia - luglio
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  • Festa di Sant'Anna - Ischia ponte - 26 luglio
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